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Guidelines and case studies for businesses in the Tourism sector


Building and operating biodiversity friendly hotelsBuilding and operating biodiversity-friendly hotels

Integrating biodiversity considerations in planning and operational decisions for hotels and resorts is important not only for the continued viability and conservation of the ecosystems, but also for the long-term financial success of the hotels and resorts. The tourism industry depends strongly on healthy ecosystems, because those ecosystems are often the very thing that draws tourists to the destination in the first place. Click here to download. This publication introduces two other IUCN titles, Biodiversity: my hotel in action: a guide to sustainable use of biological resources and Siting and design of hotels and resorts: principles and case studies for biodiversity conservation.


Biodiversity : My hotel in actionBiodiversity: My hotel in action

The purpose of this guide is to help owners and managers of small and large hotels, located in all areas, from cities to mountain to coastal areas, to conserve nature. In particular, it is designed to guide the sustainable use of biological resources in the day-to-day operations of hotels. Click here to download English, French and Spanish versions.


Building and operating biodiversity friendly hotels CaribbeanBuilding and operating biodiversity-friendly hotels in the Caribbean

This guide focuses on the Caribbean, where on the relatively small islands, mountains and steep hillsides quickly transition to low-lying drylands and coastal wetlands, and highly fragile and vulnerable ecosystems are packed into very limited spaces. Click here to download English, French and Spanish versions.



Sustainable Tourism and Natural World HeritageSustainable tourism and natural World Heritage : priorities for action

The aim of this study is to examine the gaps in our understanding of how tourism development affects natural World Heritage Sites in order to support the development of sustainable tourism these sites. Click here to download.




Guia de turismoGuía de turismo : instrumento de gestión ambiental y social

Esta Guía ofrece a las autoridades ambientales de cada país documentos de orientación técnica para una correcta gestión ambiental de proyectos de bajo y moderado impacto para las actividades turísticas. Este instrumento de gestión ambiental contempla disposiciones, lineamientos y medidas ambientales y sociales que buscan prevenir o mitigar los efectos negativos en el ambiente. Click here to download.


Case Studies

Integrating Business Skills into Ecotourism OperationsIntegrating Business Skills into Ecotourism Operations

This book is designed to help conservation organisations, community-based organisations and protected area managers plan and run effective ecotourism businesses. It was created as part of the Business Skills Transfer Programme for Ecotourism Development, a joint effort by IUCN and Kuoni Group aimed at supporting conservation organisations in managing ecotourism-related businesses through business skills, knowledge and experience sharing. Click here to download English and Korean versions.

Siting and design of hotels and resortsSiting and Design of Hotels and Resorts

IUCN has developed five Biodiversity Principles for siting and design of hotels which focus on how biodiversity and associated social impacts can be better addressed in the planning and construction stages of the hotel life cycle. Targeted at all relevant stakeholders, including planning authorities, tourism development agencies, developers, investors, hotel managers and management companies, project managers and consultants, architects and construction firms, thirteen case studies have been developed to illustrate how these principles can be implemented. Click here to download English, French and Spanish versions.

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