Empresas y biodiversidad


Investing in conservation and development


Credit Suise Conservation Finance From Niche to MainstreamConservation finance : from niche to mainstream

This report aims to identify financial product structures that have the potential to establish conservation finance in mainstream investment markets. Focusing on investment mechanisms that activate cash flows generated by the sustainable management of an ecosystem, it is primarily targeted at investors interested in learning more about investments that provide a market-rate return and a positive conservation impact. Click here to download.


Biodiversity based microenterprise developmentBiodiversity-based microenterprise development

The objective of this paper, a collaboration between IUCN and Holcim, is to present a concept for the development and implementation of biodiversity-based microenterprises projects. Micro-enterprise development has been identified as an opportunity to secure livelihoods, improve nutrition and provide (self) employment opportunities in many of the locations where Holcim is active. Click here to download.

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