Empresas y biodiversidad


Guidelines for businesses active in the Apparel sector


Biodiversity risks and opportunities in the apparel sectorBiodiversity risks and opportunities in the apparel sector

This report aims at providing a better understanding of the relationship between the apparel sector value chains and biodiversity, and in particular the dependencies and impacts of the apparel sector on biodiversity. It proposes a risk assessment framework based on the sector’s dependencies and impacts, and makes suggestions for realizing opportunities to address negative impacts on biodiversity. It is an initial analysis based on desktop research and information and discussions with Hugo Boss on the types of value chains and raw materials typically found in the apparel sector. Click here to download.


Greening The Fashion Industry

Fashion and biodiversity are linked. The risks and opportunities of this relationship can have a significant impact for biodiversity as well as for business. Watch IUCN's Giulia Carbone, Deputy Director, Global Business and Biodiversity Programme interviewed on Green Views.



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