Empresas y biodiversidad


Guidelines and case studies for businesses active in the agriculture sector



No Net Loss and Net Positive Impact Report coverNo Net Loss and Net Positive Impact Approaches for Biodiversity : Exploring the potential application of these approaches in the commercial agriculture and forestry sectors

This report is an outcome of a working group of relevant business and conservation experts convened by IUCN’s Global Business and Biodiversity Programme. The objectives of this report are to learn from the NNL/NPI experience of the extractives and infrastructure sectors, propose an organizing framework for applying NNL/NPI approaches in other business sectors and to explore the potential for applying NPI approaches in commercial agriculture and forestry sectors. Click here to download.


Agricultural Ecosystems Report CoverAgricultural ecosystems : facts and trends

The rapid increase in food prices in many countries has led to substantial media attention on agriculture. We hope that this Facts & Trends publication will help uncover some key trade-offs that mean challenging decisions for governments, farmers, consumers and industry and will attempt to better understand the challenges facing the sustainable management of agricultural ecosystems. Click here to download.


Case Studies


Biodiversity implications sugarcaneBiodiversity implications of a Sustainability Standard for Sugarcane

Report of the IUCN-convened expert group assessing biodiversity implications of Raízen’s implementation of the Bonsucro Standard in Brazil. Click here to download.


Useful tools developed by other organisations


Biodiversity Risk & Opportunity Assessment Handbook

This is a useful tool published by the BROA partners that helps companies with agricultural supply chains to:

  • assess impacts and dependence on biodiversity and ecosystem services in agricultural landscapes
  • identify and prioritize risks and opportunities
  • work with local stakeholders and partners at a landscape level
  • create action and monitoring plan

For more information and to download the tool, visit the BROA website.

Corporate Ecosystems Services Review

This report published by the World Resources Institute is a structured methodology that helps managers proactively develop strategies to manage business risks and opportunities arising from their company’s dependence and impact on ecosystems. Visit the World Resources Institute website for more information.

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