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 Terraviva is the daily newspaper of the World Conservation Congress. Read about carbon footprints, African advisors, climate change and the world's resources.

Beyond carbon footprints Photo: Terraviva 09/10

Beyond carbon footprints
Do those 8,000 tonne of carbon footprints staring at the IUCN’s Wold Conservation Congress participants in the face show the way beyond Kyoto?

Climate Change: Disaster of Disasters…
The disaster is that the world is largely unprepared for disasters – or their aftermaths.

Quit whining: Africans advise their governments
Africans expressed anger at their governments’ lackadaisical attitude towards climate change and massive poverty.

For rural poor, things are worse - World Resources Report
For the poorest people of the world, climate change and the catastrophes associated with it constitute an additional menace.

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