Congress creates fair opportunities for women

Women have been juggling their families with trade for generations. The International Women Environmental Entrepreneurs Fair at the IUCN World Conservation Congress in Barcelona highlights the economic, social and environmental inputs that women entrepreneurs bring to their countries and the world through their green enterprises.

International Women Entrepreneurs Fair

Women entrepreneurs are promoting the principles of herbal health, ecology and fair trade at the Congress. Altogether, 40 environmentally-friendly enterprises that promote the empowerment and economic development of women are showcasing their innovative "green enterprises" at the Congress. They range from as far as Samoa, in the Pacific Islands, to the Blue Mountains of Jamaica and

“We cannot deliver conservation unless we promote environmental management from gender equity and equality perspective,” says Lorena Aguilar, IUCN’s Senior Gender Advisor. “This fair has truly demonstrated women’s commitment to catalyze action to poverty reduction and to the promotion of sustainable development and has demonstrated it through the entrepreneurial spirit of women who really care for the environment.”

The fair aims to strengthen women’s enterprises that produce or provide services that are environmentally friendly. It also aims to showcase women’s professional and business activities that go beyond regional borders and contribute to environmental conservation and the alleviation of poverty.

Jessica Mowat from Women in Business Development Inc. says that women in Somoa Island have contributed significantly to the development of themselves, their families and their country through income generation, job creation and through active participation in economic development. 

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