Artículo | 14 Sep, 2021

"Rap del Veedor;" A song by Gasel

Excerpt from the special issue of the CEESP publication Policy Matters 22, focusing on the stories and voices of environmental defenders; Song by Gasel: Rap del Veedor/The Monitors’ Rap

The song “Rap del Veedor” was created by the talented Gasel, who represents the communities in which the Amazonia 2.0 project is implemented in Atalaya, Peru. This live performance was recorded as part of the inauguration of the Global Youth Summit in April 2021.


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"Rap del Veedor/The Monitors' Rap;" Song by Gasel

Photo: Gasel

Eler Gabriel Rojas, “Gasel”, is a Yune Indigenous youngster from Peru who lives in one of the targeted areas of the Amazonia 2.0 project.

In his first song, “Rap del Veedor” (“The Monitors’ Rap”), Gasel communicates the perception of the local Indigenous Veedores, who supervise the forests considered in this project.

This article is an excerpt from the special issue of the CEESP publication Policy Mattersfocusing on the stories and voices of environmental defenders.