Artículo | 24 Oct, 2019

Dr Robert Wallace, innovator in biodiversity and conservation, wins the 2019 Kenton Miller Award

The Kenton Miller Award 2019 is given to a person of outstanding contributions to the understanding and promotion of Latin America’s biodiversity and conservation.

Dr Wallace's seminal research on spider monkeys in eastern Bolivia led to pioneering research on jaguars, Andean bears, Andean condors, giant otters, ungulates and primates. This research included discovery of a new species of Madidi titi monkey in Bolivia.

Separately, he has taken public engagement in new directions, as he promotes a new Bolivian gastronomic movement, called Sabores Silvestres, which supports conservation through the use of Bolivia's culinary heritage and biodiversity.

Dr Wallace’s initiative, Identidad Madidi, has engaged over 50,000 Bolivians in actions to protect their nation’s Madidi National Park, and brought together knowledge, science, and public outreach in an effort to conserve this protected area. His efforts involved national and international media, a dedicated website, and social networks gaining the eventual massive support of Bolivians.  

Dr Wallace has directed the Greater Madidi-Tambopata Landscape Conservation Program for the Wildlife Conservation Society, where for twenty years he has worked tirelessly to establish effective management and monitoring practices. His special commitment to mentoring and capacity development has continued to inspire a new generation of conservation leaders.

His exceptional research has been matched by his commitment to working with all concerned in protected areas, from indigenous communities through to local, national, international and multinational groups. He has worked continuously with all of those organisations in setting strategies, policies and practices for biodiversity conservation.

The World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA) is proud to present the Kenton Miller Award to its richly deserving recipient in 2019. The award was presented by Natasha and Todd Miller, on behalf of the WCPA and Miller Family on 16 October, during the IUCN III Latin American and Caribbean Congress of Protected Areas held from 14-17 October 2019.

In talking about the Kenton Miller and Fred Packard Awards (also granted during the event), Dr MacKinnon stated, “These are IUCN WCPA's highest awards and reflect the Commission's respect for these outstanding individuals and their contribution to conservation and protected areas in the Latin America and the Caribbean regions.”