Artículo | 30 Sep, 2019

BRIDGE: Hydrodiplomacy in Action

Globally, over 310 lake and river basins stretch across national borders. Around 60% of those lack any type of cooperative management framework. Good transboundary water management is crucial for peace, security, economic development and environmental sustainability.

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This new visual story feature 'Building River Dialogue and Governance' lays out what the BRIDGE project is and how it is supporting improved water governance in fourteen transboundary basins across the world.

The BRIDGE programme works towards building river dialogue and governance in transboundary river basins. Implemented by IUCN and regional partners, BRIDGE works at the interface of hydrodiplomacy and local governance to promote new approaches in transboundary water management by:

  • Facilitating cooperation
  • Strengthening inter‐governmental capacities
  • Creating spaces for dialogue and agreements

Launched in 2011, the programme has expanded its work from nine to fourteen transboundary basins across Asia, Latin America and Africa:

BRIDGE MAP 2019Photo: ©IUCN Water

The BRIDGE Project is funded by the Global Water Programme of the Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation (SDC), with co-funding from the US State Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs (OES) 2016-2018, and Oxfam Transboundary Rivers of South Asia Programme (TROSA)

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