Mediterranean Co-ordination Meeting for the Green List of Protected Areas, 8-10 September, Sevilla, Spain

In the framework of the Green List of Protected Areas Initiative (GLPA), the second meeting of the Green List Mediterranean Reference Groups (Italy, France and Spain, coordinated by IUCN Med) will take place in Seville to analyze the level of achievement of the common goals of the group (established during the first meeting in Malaga (see HERE), to identify common and specific issues related to GLPA standard adaptation and assurance procedure, to clarify final doubts and prepare the way up to the World Parks Congress held in Sydney next November.

Doñana National Parc Photo: C. Danelutti

Institutions from France, Italy and Spain are promoting the Green List of Protected Areas in the Mediterranean. Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria have been informed about the GLPA initiative and invited to take part in this meeting, to explore future ways of collaboration.

The participants will focus on the practical challenges faced in executing the process of the Green List, and agree on “open-issues” to be discussed at the Sydney GLPA pre-workshop. The event will clarify the expectations and wishes of each actor of this project.

The IUCN Centre for Mediterranean Cooperation is coordinating the group and co-organising this second meeting in collaboration with partners.

Further Information: Carla Danelutti

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