Rabat, Nador and Djerba: Three Workshops in summer for the Medina Project

The Medina project, or Marine Ecosystem Dynamics and Indicators for North Africa, organized three workshops during the summer, which IUCN-Med is part of as a coordinator.

View of Nador Lagoon Photo: Kokopelado | Wikimedia Commons

The first workshop, or MEDINA National- MOROCCO, has been held in Rabat (Maroc) on the 1st of June on the theme of: “Implementing the UNEP-MAP: Ecological Approach in Morocco: Suggestions from the MEDINA project”.

The second workshop, or Nador’s Regional Workshop, took place in the city of Nador (Morocco), from the 1st to the 3rd of June 2014, on the theme of: dissemination of the results on the “Nador’s Lagoon Case Study & Scenario analysis by participatory process”. Each participant provided a short presentation, pointing out the main results found and their usefulness to the people and the region: then, a discussion has been opened with the other partners, permitting to validate/improve the results and exchange knowledge about the subject.

Finally, the third and last workshop was organized in Djerba (Tunisia), the 10 and 11 of June. The Tunisian stakeholders and end-users discussed the results of the models prepared on the basis of satellite imagery campaign with the field data collected to the potential use of both approaches for the long term monitory of the marine environment of Tunisia.

Another workshop will be held in Egypt (Alexandria) in September 8, followed by the final meeting of the project. All the results will be available soon on the website of the project.

For further information: Alain Jeudy

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