Artículo | 12 Jun, 2017

2nd International meeting, Global Judicial Institute on Environment - Day 2

GJIE Statute, membership, and hosting options on agenda

The Second International Meeting of the Global Judicial Institute on Environment continued deliberations at Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park (UNESCO World Heritage Site). Participants undertook a second reading of the draft Statute, considered aspects for establishing membership, and continued work on the “Call for Letters of Interest” to identify a host institution.

Judges and experts from around the world gathered on the perimeter of Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park on 20-21 May to prepare and approve outcome documents. The second reading of the draft GJIE Statute was a highly participative exercise allowing for an article by article review of the language. These discussions informed considerations for membership; highlighting the importance of regional, linguistic, ethnic and ecological diversity across GJIE governance structures. Additionally, participants agreed on rigorous membership criteria reflected in the draft Statute to ensure the integrity of both individual and institutional members.

To support daily functions, the Institute will identify host institutions and/or organizations to support the GJIE Secretariat. A draft “Call for Letters of Interest” was presented during the meeting and refined to accurately explain the purpose, objectives, and requirements for institutional operation. Pending a second reading, the letter will be widely disseminated to solicit interest.

The day was capped by a site visit to Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park. The group was honored to be escorted by the Director of the park and his highly knowledgeable staff experiencing the unique geology of the park, and fauna and flora of the Cerrado biome. Participants hiked into the canyon of Rio Preto "Black River” visiting two of the hundreds of waterfalls within the park boundary.