Valuing natural capital: We have the will, let's show the way

On 21-22 November, more than 500 people gathered in Edinburgh for the inaugural World Forum on Natural Capital. Dawn Vout, Partnership Manager for the IUCN World Parks Congress, gives her insight on IUCN blog.

Sa'anapu community mangrove conservation area, Samoa

A series of keynote speeches from inspiring people in the field of ecology and economy began the debate. They included Professor Dieter Helm, Chair of the UK environment department’s Natural Capital Committee, Jochen Zeitz, co-founder and CEO of the B-team, and IUCN Director General Julia Marton-Lefèvre.

Case studies by businesses and conservation organizations working in collaboration showed how valuing natural capital could reduce businesses’ carbon footprints. But it was noted that we need to improve our narrative on this topic to ensure Natural Capital is relevant to the general public, not only to the “NCP” Natural Capital Professionals. Addressing this issue in the closing plenary, Jonathan Hughes, Programme Director for the Forum and IUCN Councillor, shared a locally produced animation bringing Natural Capital to life for a general audience.

Read Dawn Vout's entire blog post about the World Forum on Natural Capital here.

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