The Millionth Tree Festivity

In celebration of the completion of the "Million Trees Campaign" and the launch of the "Million Trees Campaign 2", the Arab Group for the Protection of Nature held a fundraising dinner entitled "Landscapes of Occupation" on Wednesday, 9 April at the Radisson SAS Hotel, Amman, Jordan.

From left to right: Hania Maraqa, APN staff; Sari Zvaiten, APN Board member; Razan Zuaiten, APN Chairperson, HRH Princess Reem Al Ali; Larry Harder Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture; Mustapha Natour.

The objectives of the Million Trees Campaign were to replant olive and other trees in damaged Palestinian lands, to Support Palestinian farmers and families through creating job opportunities to generate income for them, and to Help Palestinians hold on to their lands.

The dinner, which was under the patronage of Princes Reem Al Ali, included a keynote speech by Larry Harder, Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture at the University of Guelph, Canada, in which he discussed the impacts of the occupation on the Palestinian landscape and the different perspectives of the occupier and occupied as evident in the landscape. In addition, APN's partners in the Million Trees Campaign (MTC) from Palestine gave presentations on the implementation and impacts of MTC.

In her presentation, APN Chairperson, Razan Zuayter, discussed the different phases of the campaign and the achievements on the ground and announced the launch of MTC 2. Mrs. Zuayter also announced a new collaboration with IUCN Regional Office for West Asia and Middle-East on a Waqf project in the Palestinian Jordan Valley to create a much-needed palm nursery.

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