Tales from the wilderness – IUCN and WWF launch Wild Talk

Today IUCN and WWF are launching an exciting new monthly podcast called Wild Talk. Each month we will bring you the latest news and features from the world of conservation.


To kick start the series, we have interviewed IUCN marine expert Imène Meliane about the way invasive species catch a free ride across the world’s oceans on ships and the problems they cause by doing so. We also expose another angle on climate change – how indigenous people are affected and the solutions they already have to cope with it – by interviewing IUCN’s Gonzalo Oviedo.

Meanwhile, WWF brings the mountain gorillas of Africa to your armchair by interviewing Marc Languy, head of its programme in the Great Lakes region of Africa. He talks about the human qualities of the gorillas and what we can do to save their remaining population which stands at just 720.

And in an interesting final interview, Hubert von Goisem explains to WWF why he took to a barge to bring his music and environmental message to the people who live along the Danube.

Coming up in the next edition we will have news from the Convention on Biological Diversity in Bonn. Stay tuned for more nature narratives here at Wild Talk!

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