Forty years working for nature: cheers to EUROPARC

The EUROPARC network will meet in Debrecen, Hungary, for its annual conference on the 9-13 October 2013, during which the 40th anniversary of both EUROPARC Federation and their host, Hortobágy National Park, will be celebrated. In the light of EUROPARC´s 40th anniversary, participants from across the continent will join workshops, presentations and field trips, and mingle with international representatives, to discuss the future issues of integrated protected area management. The event will be the largest network meeting of its kind in Europe.


EUROPARC Conference 2013

The EUROPARC 2013 conference will be focusing on "Integrated Management of Protected Areas", covering a wide range of topics: biodiversity monitoring, management plans, agriculture, wilderness, tourism, communication, conflict solving and LIFE funding projects.

This year EUROPARC will present one of the largest conferences in the field of nature protection. Hosted by the UNESCO world natural heritage site Hortobágy National Park in Hungary´s Pannonian region, the conference is dedicated to "40 years Woking for Nature" and the achievements of Europe’s protected areas during this period.

Being 80 000 hectares wide, the magnificent Hortobagy National Park is Hungary’s largest protected area. It is home for thousands of cranes and flocks of other migrating birds such as geese and shore birds can be spotted around the park. In this wondefrul environment, presentations, excursions and workshops will cover the various aspects of protected areas management, green infrastructure, rehabilitation of natural habitats, species conservation, invasive species and the effects of climate change. Appreciating the new generation of EUROPARC´s young nature ambassadors, the First EUROPARC Youth Conference will be held in parallel to the main conference.

EUROPARC conferences are renowned for their multicultural diversity and international exchange providing the perfect setting for people of many different backgrounds who value the future of European parks. The aim of the conference is to deliver innovative, forward-looking approaches for the next decade that guarantee the effective sustainable management of protected areas in Europe.

EUROPARC is proud to confirm as keynote speakers:

  • Julia Marton-Lefèvre, Director General of IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) addressing The Role of Protected Areas in Providing Nature Based Solutions to Global Challenges
  • Peter Ogden, Director of CPRW addressing 40 years later – are Europe’s most prized natural areas being managed successfully to meet tomorrow’s challenges
  • Dr. Lucka Kajfez Bogataj, climatologist from Slovenia, reflecting on Past 40 years of change – The Planet's view
  • Professor Emeritus Dr. Varga Zoltán of Hungary´s Debrecen University looking at Pannonian habitats: insights into conservation management for European protected areas.

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