Consulting on the Blue Society

The Sea for Society project is in the process of examining how it is that a more integrated and sustainable approach to marine and maritime systems can be achieved in Europe. Between May and October of this year citizens from all of Europe will be meeting to discuss such issues and help towards the goal of defining a new vision for the marine environment: the Blue Society. 


Sea For Society (SFS) is a Mobilization and Mutual Learning Action Plan bringing together 28 partners and associated partners from 12 countries in a process to consider key questions, extract cross-cutting issues and propose challenge-driven solutions in order to ensure a sustainable management of marine ecosystem services by European citizens.

From May to October 2013, nine European nations – France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain and Sweden – representing specific maritime regions – the Baltic and North seas, the English Channel, the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean – are organising national citizen/youth and key stakeholder consultations on the products and services that oceans offer to our daily life. 

Previous surveys (OCEANICS, FP5 funded project and The Ocean Project work) have indeed shown that European citizens are not fully aware of the daily link they have with marine ecosystem services they benefit from and how their behaviours are potentially threatening these services.

Thus, alongside key stakeholders, citizens and young people will discuss how to change their vision and relation to the seas in the frame of six themes linking marine environment to their everyday life: Human Health, Energy, Leisure and Tourism, Transport, A Place to Live and Food Supply.

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