Post2015 Process: The Water Thematic Consultation Report

Following the online UN Post2015 consultation process, a report on the thematic consultation on Water has been published and is now available for public commenting.

The World We Want 2015

Earlier in the year, the IUCN Water Programme actively supported the UN-led Post 2015 Consultation Process by leading the Sub-stream 'Water for Nature and Nature for Water'. The IUCN framing paper to guide this consultation stream is available for downloading from this link.

The objectives of the thematic consultations were to:
• Stimulate a wide range of global discussions on water-related priority issues to be reflected in the future post-2015 goals and targets;
• Analyse and share experiences from the present Millennium Development Goals on water and sanitation, and bring out evidence on progress and drawbacks from the implementation;
• Examine policy options and responses at local, national and international level and how these options might be deployed to inform the post 2015-agenda:
• Foster a shared position/vision on a future goal on water.

The comments and poll outcomes from these consultations on Water have been collated and drafted into a Water Thematic Consultation Report which is available from this link.

Untill May 5th, the following questions are put forward: 

Does it capture the magnitude of water challenges?

Do you believe there are pressing water-related challenges that this report has not addressed?

What are your suggestions on how to extend outreach and use this report to make the most impact on the post 2015 agenda?

Answers can be provided online at:

The answers will be used to progress with the efforts to ensure the main concerns of different stakeholder groups are included and that good ideas are collected so as to ensure a strong presence of water in the process of definition of the post 2015 agenda. The final set of comments will be incorporated by the co-leaders in the final report, together with a foreword and an Executive Summary. This report will be submitted to UNDP before the 15th of May and is expected to inform the report of the High Level Panel due in May.


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