Developing the Human Dependency on Nature Framework – Update on the process

The Human Dependency on Nature Framework is one of two new knowledge'baskets' included in the IUCN Global Programme for which CEESP has a lead role. The main goal of the IUCN Human Dependency on Nature Framework is to assess, document and communicate the role and importance of non-farmed natural/ wild resources for communities’ food and nutrition security. 


The framework aims to improve the sustainable management of natural resources to better meet local needs and help target national development and conservation policies. The framework will also provide policy makers from the development, environment and other sectors with an independent assessment of the degree to which natural ecosystems and wild resources contribute to the needs of rural and coastal communities as a proportion of total household income.

At the recent CEESP Steering Committee meeting in San Francisco (January 2013), discussions were held regarding the development of the (HDNF) and how best to incorporate CEESP's priorities and values into this new area of work. The CEESP-SC designated as the lead focal point for the future development of the HDNF, The Theme on Sustainable Livelihoods Chaired by Iain Davidson-Hunt and Masego Madzwmuse. A small drafting team has been established. It includes members from other CEESP Themes; TCC (Culture and Conservation), IgYP (Intergenerational Partnerships), SULi (CEESP/SSC SG on Sustainable Use and Livelihoods), SPICEH (CEESP/WCEL Specialist Group on Indigenous Peoples, Customary & Environmental Laws & Human Rights) as well as the Secretariat. The group is developing a concept note to encompass human, socio-economic and cultural dimensions into the HDNF and to recommend a work plan.

There are still many definitional, scope and function issues to be worked through. The Group is in the early stages of elaborating the architecture of the framework and shortly, the concept note will be shared with a larger CEESP-Secretariat working group for peer review and then wider dissemination for feedback from interested CEESP members. If you are interested in joining the HDNF Working Group please contact [email protected] and put HDNF in the subject line. To read more about the initial thinking about the HDNF refer to this link

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