Artículo | 04 Jul, 2013

Flash conferences: 8 extra good reasons to visit “SOS nature” exhibition!

Starting July 9th, anyone in the Geneva region of Switzerland has 8 extra good reasons to visit the “SOS nature” exhibition in La Cité du Temps, central Geneva! All talks in this series of flash conferences will be delivered in the setting of SOS nature photographic exhibition.

Note : pour des informations en français, téléchargez le programme dans le menu ci-contre.

These short interactive talks are the perfect accompaniment to the wokday lunch: bite-sized presentations about man and nature. Each delivered by IUCN professionals this is an excellent opportunity to meet and engage with experts from the world's oldest and largest conservation network. With such a diverse range of topics including luxury goods and nature, why species conservation matters, living with wolves, aquaculture versus fishing and the role of business in biodiversity, this is a quick and easy way to expand your knowledge about the role of mankind in nature in the 21st Century.

All talks in this flash conference series will be delivered in French with the possibility of discussing the issues presented in both French or English with IUCN multilingual staff in the setting of SOS nature photographic exhibition.

The schedule of talks is as follows:

Tuesday July 9 12:30hrs: Olivier Hasinger, Project coordinator for Plants for People invites you to join him as he speaks about The IUCN Red List as a critical knowledge tool for global species protection. 

Wednesday July 10 12:30hrs: Pierre Commenville, Technical Assistant for the IPBES Knowledge and Science Unit speaks about the re-introduction of wolves to the Mercantour National Park, France.

Friday July 12 12:30hrs: Jean-Christophe Vié, Deputy Director of the IUCN Species Programme speaks about how SOS- Save Our Species operates as an effective mechanism for species conservation.

Tuesday July 16 12:30hrs: Gerard Bos, Director of the Business and Biodiversity Programme speaks about the role of enterprise in protecting nature. 

Wednesday July 17 12:30hrs: Francois Simard, Director of the Global Marine and Polar Programme at the IUCN speaks about whether aquaculture can become an alternative to fishing. 

Thursday July 18 12:30hrs: Xenya Cherny-Scanlon, special assistant to the IUCN Director General, speaks about nature and the luxury industry.

Friday July 19 12:30hrs: Claire Warmenbol, Communications Officer for IUCN's Water Programme speaks on whether there is enough water to meet the needs of our growing global population.

Monday 22 July 12:30hrs: Special event- Augustin Sarovy: Risking one's life for a tree. One man's story of exposing the exploitation of the precious rosewoods of Madagascar.