Launch of the International Year of Water Cooperation

The International Year of Water Cooperation was officially launched today by UNESCO during a high-level event, including scientists, UN agencies, government officials and youth groups in Paris, France.

Logo International Year of Water Cooperation

The Year will focus on water cooperation work, aiming at raising awareness to increase cooperation on water issues and at highlighting the challenges facing water resources management in light of the increasing demand for access to water. It will also focus on major issues regarding water security for all, and the sound and effective management of transboundary waters.

IUCN will contribute in the advocacy efforts and continue sharing its lessons and experience in transboundary water cooperation, such as from the Building River Dialogue and Governance 'BRIDGE'  project. The BRIDGE project focuses on building water governance capacities through learning, demonstration, leadership, and consensus-building, in particular in transboundary river basins. For more information, visit:

The International Year on Water Cooperation is expected to strengthen dialogue and cooperation on water issues at all levels and with all stakeholders involved.

A winner of the official slogan of the International Year on Water Cooperation 2013 was also announced today and worldwide celebrations on water cooperation revealed. A full campaign is underway and support materials can be downloaded from the dedicated website:

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