CEC Chair and Special Advisor visit IUCN President in Beijing

Dr Juliane Zeidler and Frits Hesselink met with Dr Zhang Xinsheng, the new IUCN President to extend the IUCN CEC network into China.

Hanying Li, Dr Juliane Zeidler, Dr Zhang Xinsheng, Frits Hesselink, and Dr Zhu Chunquan.

A visit to China in late December 2012 enabled leaders of the IUCN Commission on Education and Communication to promote the importance of positive messages to protect biodiversity.

The new IUCN President, Dr. Zhang Xinsheng, welcomed the Commission members to China. Key to the success of the visit were Dr Zhu Chunquan, Head of the IUCN China Office, and Hanying Li, a newly appointed CEC Steering Committee member. They arranged visits to institutions and devoted the IUCN China members meeting to the theme of education and communication.

Dr Juliane Zeidler delivered inspirational speeches during a range of meetings and generated much positive feedback from IUCN members, CEC members and Chinese officials. Her presentatons, visits and networking during the IUCN New Years Reception also generated signigicant interest among a number of 'aspiring' CEC members.

The work of CEC to promote love stories about nature to drive change in behaviours, policies and practices resonated very well with Chinese members and officials. They saw this as a much needed added value to their scientific approaches. IUCN Goodwill Ambassador and Sculptor Yuan Xikun presented the CEC Chair with a sculpture of the Chinese symbol of the year of her birth during a farewell dinner in his museum and workshop.

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