You are invited to join the Love, Not Loss campaign

We need your help! Inspire people to communicate about nature with positive messages of love, not loss. the IUCN CEC campaign Love, Not Loss includes the new How to Tell a Love Story videos and examples to get you started. 

New video on biodiversity communications from IUCN CEC

CEC Members, we need your help to spread the message of Love, Not Loss and to make this approach become the mainstream in how people communicate about nature.

First came the award winning film ‘Love. Not Loss.’ produced for CBD COP 10 in Nagoya, Japan in 2010. Now it's a communications campaign! A follow-up series of eight short funny animal films, a promotion pack and an animated film ‘How to Tell a Love Story’ are available now. Find all the details here:

We want to focus on how to communicate biodiversity in a positive way, not only to talk about the environmental challenges that are around us, but to celebrate nature, help focus attention on what we love about nature and how we can protect life around us. This Love Not Loss campaign was launched at the IUCN World Conservation Congress in Jeju, Korea in October and has been steadily attracting more and more attention, but we need your help to make this as big as it can be!

This is what we ask of you, our CEC members and wider conservation community:

  1. Share the love – Pass the videos on to your networks and use them in your work.
  2. Tell us your love story – There are many different avenues for people to share their love stories, like Twitter #lovenotloss, IUCN Facebook, CEC Facebook and the CEC newsletter. Share links to websites that use positive communication about nature.
  3. Love nature – Next time you talk about nature, make sure it’s a love story. Here are some examples.

CEC will be continuing to promote Love Not Loss and build on the momentum that has been created. We are already seeing some of these films receiving hundreds and even thousands of views, more people are talking about communicating about nature in positive ways and we are seeing this approach work in practice to generate real conservation change.

Feel free to link these films and resources to your own webpage, blog or publications and make use of them for any future communication capacity building you may be undertaking. Please share your Love Not Loss experiences with the CEC community through the links above and by emailing

For more information, contact Cecilia Nizzola-Tabja at

More about How to Tell a Love Story >>



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