Young artisanal Fishers raise their voices during WCC in Jeju

 Young artisal fishers from Central America and Mexico raise their voices to express their concerns about the fisheries sustainability for the future and several needs for young puplation in coastal areas.

Young fishers of Central America and Mexico during a Press Conference in WCC, in Jeju, 2012.

With the support of IUCN Regional Office for Mesoamerica, CEESP and CEESP Youth Network, seven young representatives of the region that were nominated by their organizations met in Costa Rica in June 2012 for a discussion workshop.

As a result was created The Young Artisanal Fishers Union of Mesoamerica and the Caribbean. The process culminated in bringing seven young representatives from the Mesoamerican region to The World Conservation Congress. These included Gamaliel García Alvarado from México; Mynor Bautista Carrillo from Guatemala; Franklin Gómez Quevedo from Honduras; Rosa Sandoval de Zepeda from El Salvador; Erick Isaacs Jarquín from Nicaragua; and Laura Morales Rojas and Gilberto Naranjo from Costa Rica

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