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The World Leaders Dialogues are the highlight of the upcoming IUCN World Conservation Congress. They will feature internationally-recognized experts, politicians and CEOs in a series of five moderated public debates that tackle the most strategic issues related to conservation and sustainable development.

IUCN Nature+ Climate

You can influence the debate by sending your questions about the themes before 31 August 2012 here.

Nature+climate: Can nature save us? 
Hashtags: #iucn2012 and #forum0870
As a comprehensive global climate deal remains elusive, many are turning to nature-based solutions to stave off the worst effects of climate change. Can ecosystems really make a difference before it is too late?
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Nature+food: Can we feed the world sustainably?
Hashtags: #iucn2012 and #forum0871
The world’s population is ever growing, and we have many more mouths to feed than we did just 50 years ago. How can we protect biodiversity while making sure everyone has enough to eat?
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Nature+development: Green growth: myth or reality?
Hashtags:  #iucn2012 and #forum0872 
Is it possible to keep growing without pushing the earth beyond its natural limits? On this panel, we’re talking about green growth and whether it’s achievable or just an illusion.
What are your questions on this topic?

Nature+people: Can conservation tackle poverty?
Hashtags:  #iucn2012 and #forum0873
Nature is the backbone of our very existence. But nature and the resources we glean from it are not shared equally. What is the best way for us to protect the environment while simultaneously allowing poorer nations to prosper?
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Nature+: Saving nature, why bother?
Hashtags: #iucn2012 and #forum0874
Climate change, conservation, protection, global consensus: the issues facing our world now are massive and global. Are the problems just too big to do anything about?
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