A European Journey through IUCN Congress

The IUCN World Conservation Congress taking place in just over a month in Jeju, Republic of Korea, will provide the platform for discussing some of the biggest challenges faced by people and the environment today. Hundreds of events will take place in only a week’s time. To help you find out which ones will address European issues, take a look at the European Journey.

2012 World Conservation Congress logo Photo: IUCN

The European Journey is now available on the Europe at IUCN Congress website. The Journey is a helpful tool for getting informed about workshops and other events involving IUCN European Members, Committees, Commissions and the Secretariat during this year’s Congress. It contains useful details about the date, time and location these events take place.

This Journey will help participants interested in European activities find their way more easily through the hundreds of events taking place at the Congress. The European Journey covers many of the most important and current European conservation issues including the benefits and values of transboundary conservation efforts and building the business case for biodiversity. Many two hour practical sessions called Workshops can also be found it the Journey. During these sessions European Members will present solution-based approaches to conservation work from case studies and examples specific to Europe. Among the many events featured in the Journey are several small group sessions known as Knowledge Cafés all related to conservation work currently taking place in Europe. And much more. Here are some of the key events featured:

If you’re interested in European conservation current events, this Journey will show you where to go. Click here to see more.

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