Artículo | 30 Mar, 2008

Community Involvement in and Management of Forest Fires in South East Asia

Author(s): Karki, Sameer
IUCN ; WWF ; Project FireFight South East Asia, ID
Published: 2002
Series: Project FireFight South East Asia
ISBN: 979-3260-02-5
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Photo: IUCN

Jakarta, ID : Project FireFight South East Asia, 2002. vii, 39p.

Project FireFight, South East Asia, Bogor, Indonesia

This review is guided by the aim of Project FireFight South East Asia (PFFSEA) to document successful community experiences with forest fires and analyse the political, institutional, cultural and economic elements that enable local communities to actively engage in preventing uncontrolled burning. The case studies in this review show that successful community involvement in forest fire management depends on many factors including a community’s attachment or ownership of and dependence on forest resources; traditional knowledge of the local biophysical environment and fire usage; and absence of tenure conflict. The report identifies several options to promote community-based forest fire management in South East Asia, including analysing and compiling existing cases, adding a fire management component into existing community-based resource management projects, strengthening projects with community-based fire management components, and designing and implementing community-based forest fire management projects.

Note: Includes bibliographic references