New CEC member uses music to teach about nature

 Music is part of nature, a real existing natural force, writes Sándor Szabó of Hungary.

Sándor Szabó played a concert for an IUCN meeting in Hungary Photo: CEC

I am musician (guitar artist), composer, sound engineer, writer, and teacher. I live in Hungary. I try to relate to the world in a different way. I worked out a program through which I try to educate the people, using all kinds of communications. My main way of communication is music. I am in contact with a few hundred friends and fans. Recently, I played a short concert to the international group of the IUCN meeting in Hungary. I was invited to become a member of this network. I saw at once that IUCN has a hidden potential in different fields of our life which perhaps not so visible at the first sight. This organisation has a the power to change the way of thinking of people, mostly at higher levels, seeking a new healthy holistic paradigm.

As a teacher I like to teach children and young people, because they much more open minded than the adults. It is possible to share a new paradigm with them. Instead of pushing more and more redundant info packages into their mind I just share my experiences with them through the music.

As a musician, I do not consider the music as a selling product. Music is part of nature, a real existing natural force. It is available for every human being. Music is a blessing, it is a direct way to be in touch with the higher level of our Universe where we can access muse, joy, mental power, inspiration for our daily life

My mission is to set back the right relationship to things like music, like nature, like humanity. In my life, as a teacher, the teaching is not a simple conveyance of information. It is also giving live experiences. It is like an initiation. In this way I can teach not only how to play an instrument but also how to receive the music and how to be related to the music. I never create competitors in the music teaching, because the music is not a sport. It is a spiritual activity. After a while the students understand that everything is part of nature.

When I work as a sound engineer I see the music as a „living being”. When I am a composer and I feel the muse I try to find the Source of the music and I try to bring it up, like a diver brings up nice shells from the ocean. When I am guitar player on a concert I am in a special mental state where I can be a clean channel. As a writer I wrote a book (in Hungarian) about the metaphysics of the music.

Sándor Szabó

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