ECOLEX Steering Committee Meeting

The Steering Committee of ECOLEX met at the IUCN Environmental Law Centre in Bonn on December 12-13.

ECOLEX Steering Committee Meeting at the ELC in Bonn, Germany in December 2007

Present were representatives of FAO, IUCN, and UNEP - including the leaders of the environmental law units of the partner organisations: Stefano Burchi (FAO), Alejandro Iza (IUCN) and Iwona Rummel-Bulska (UNEP). This was an important meeting, taking place at a time when the new ECOLEX interface is being finalized. The Steering Committee expressed its satisfaction at the work accomplished since its last meeting, which included a migration of the IUCN information system, and the new ECOLEX interface betwen ELIS and FAOLEX. The Steering Committee took major decisions, regarding the future work of the partnership, with a view to establishing ECOLEX as the global hub of information in the field of environmental and natural resources law. The Committee stressed the necessity for the three oganisations to inrease their support and to fundraise to achieve this goal.

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Environmental Law
Environmental Law
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