IUCN and Kuoni renew their collaboration

IUCN and Kuoni, one of the world’s leading globally-active leisure travel organizations, will continue to work together to bring business skills to conservation organizations in selected destinations.

IUCN and Kuoni renew their collaboration

Conservation organisations have traditionally played an active role in supporting communities in the transition towards sustainable livelihoods. This type of work is often linked to the development of sustainable income-generating activities, including small ecotourism businesses. However, as many conservation organisations have limited "business" experience, these tourism products and services can fail the market test. On the other hand, a wealth of knowledge and experience exists in the tourism industry that can support conservation organisations in designing successful ecotourism products. The transfer of skills between the industry and such organisations can be achieved through a number of mechanisms including learning sessions and partnerships.

After a successful collaboration in 2011 to jointly develop and implement a business skills transfer programme for ecotourism development in East Africa, IUCN and Kuoni continue their collaboration in 2012 at three additional destinations.

The 2012 programme builds on the knowledge and experience gained in Kenya to further develop the capacity of conservation organizations to effectively manage ecotourism related businesses through business skills’ knowledge and experience sharing. The work will revolve around capacity building workshops three countries/regions. These four-day training workshops will focus on delivering skills in key areas of business development and management such as understanding the market context, business and financial planning, health & safety, sustainable operations, marketing, sales and customer care. The approach will be to provide organizations in each region with a deeper understanding of ecotourism businesses and market conditions. The organizations will gain experience in ecotourism business skills through direct exposure to tourism professionals who will deliver the training and support the most promising businesses in bilateral mentoring activities.

Kuoni will be instrumental in bringing the right skills to the table. With their knowledge of the tourism sector and their local subsidiaries in key tourism destinations around the world they will be able to provide practical advice on the different areas of business development. Furthermore, the hands-on experience of Kuoni’s instructors will allow those involved in this training programme to understand the constraints and catalysts to this complex sector.

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