More than 80% of DRC people affected by climate change

Today, it’s almost established that the world knows real problem of climate change impacts on different sectors of development such as agriculture, livestock, fisheries, health and the environment in general. These sectors, said the coordinator of CARPE / IUCN in DRC

Photo de famille lors de l'atelier sur le changement climatique Photo: Dorothee SWEDI

directly affecting more than 80% of Congolese who mostly live in rural areas and are already beginning to feel the effects of disturbance of the seasons, said in Kinshasa Monday, February 6, 2012, Toussaint Molenge, coordinator of the Central Africa Regional Program of the environment and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (CARPE / IUCN-DRC) at the opening ceremony of the workshop to sensitize stakeholders on the process of vulnerability assessment and adaptation to climate change.

The workshop aimed not only to inform stakeholders at different levels on the vulnerability evaluation process and adaptation options in the various economic sectors of the DR Congo, but also begin the process of update program PANA (National Action Plan to adapt to change and vulnerability climate) 2006 for the integration of priority actions in national planning tools and most importantly, establish an operational framework for consultation and management of the adaptation process.

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