Nature Scholarship for Young European Conservationists now open

The Alfred Toepfer Natural Heritage Scholarships 2012 are now open for applications! The award provides three young European conservationists with €3000 to undertake a study visit to one or more protected areas in European countries other than their own. They are awarded by the Alfred Toepfer Foundation and the EUROPARC Federation. The deadline for applications is Friday May 11th 2012.

EUROPARC Federation

The €3000, donated by the Alfred Toepfer Foundation (DE), gives successful scholars the chance to gather experience and strengthen their networks. Applicants must be under 35, of European nationality and themes for applications must be connected to the management of natural areas. Some guidelines to what these should be are provided. Applications can be filled in online at and submitted by Friday 11th May 2012. All organisational aspects, such as the selection of candidates, are carried out by the EUROPARC Federation.

The Scholarships enhance international cooperation and advance the quality, innovation and European dimension of the management of natural areas, such as national parks. At the end of their study visit the scholars should produce a report on their findings which will be shared with practitioners in charge of managing Europe’s natural heritage. They are awarded at the annual EUROPARC Conference, which will be held in Genk, Belgium from 22nd – 25th October 2012.

In 2011 the scholarships were awarded to three individuals from Hungary, Scotland and Belgium. The topics the scholars are currently researching are: management techniques in protected areas, the creation of European partnerships and information sharing in the field of grazing management and improvement of communication between World Heritage marine sites in the Mediterranean Sea.

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