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Angela Andrade Photo: Angela Andrade

Angela Andrade
CEM Chair

CEM Steering Committee Focal Point
Ecosystem-based Adaptation and Mitigation, Eco-Disaster Risk Reduction, Business and Ecosystem Management, Nature-based Solutions Thematic Groups - Systemic Pesticides Task Force


Madhav Karki Photo: IUCN CEM

Madhav Karki
CEM Deputy Chair

CEM Steering Committee Focal Point
North East Asia, South East Asia, South Asia, West and Central Asia Regions - Agro-ecosystems, Forest Ecosystems, Holarctic Steppes Specialist Groups - Ecosystem Services Thematic Group

Dr Bernal Herrera Photo: IUCN

Bernal Herrera-Fernández
CEM Vice Chair
Central America and Mexico, South America

CEM National Focal Point

CEM Steering Committee Focal Point
Mountain Ecosystems Specialist Group - Red List of Ecosystems Thematic Group

Birguy Lamizana Photo: IUCN CEM

Birguy Lamizana
CEM Vice Chair
North Africa, Southern and East Africa, West and Central Africa

CEM Steering Committee Focal Point
Deserts, Drylands, Urban Ecosystems, Wetlands Specialist Groups

Kelvin Passfield Photo: IUCN

Kelvin Passfield
CEM VIce Chair

CEM Steering Committee Focal Point
Coastal Ecosystems, Deep Sea and Mining, Island ecosystems Specialist Groups -Invasive and Alien Species Thematic Group - Fisheries Expert Group, Ecosystem based Aquaculture, Nanomaterials and Ecosystems Task Forces

Liette Vasseur Photo: IUCN CEM

Liette Vasseur
CEM Vice Chair
North America

CEM Steering Committee Focal Point
Biosphere Reserves, Ecosystem Governance, Ecosystem Restoration Thematic Groups - Young Professional Network

Jonathan Hughes Photo: Jonathan Hughes

Jonathan Hughes
CEM Vice Chair
West and Eastern Europe

CEM Steering Committee Focal Point
Peatlands, Mediterranean Specialist Groups


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