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Inger Andersen

Dear IUCN Members and partners,

Welcome to Crossroads – an IUCN blog which we are launching to mark the 70th anniversary of the Union.

We have created this space to allow IUCN Members and partners to exchange ideas and opinions on some of the most topical and controversial issues. As many of today’s biggest global challenges are closely related to the destruction of the natural world, we feel that today such a platform is needed more than ever.

This is your unique opportunity to address IUCN’s government and civil society Members, voice your opinion on topics of international importance, and call for urgent action on issues at the intersection of nature conservation and sustainable development.

We hope that Crossroads will illustrate the crucial role that nature conservation plays in achieving sustainable development and showcase the power of IUCN – and the global conservation community it represents – to help create a more sustainable future for all.

I invite IUCN Members and partners from all regions and sectors to contribute to this much-needed discussion.

Inger Andersen
IUCN Director General


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