Zoos and aquariums of South and Southeast Asia support biodiversity decade

IUCN, CBD and ten representatives of zoos and aquariums shared ongoing and planned activities in support of biodiversity conservation, reports CEC member Gerald Dick of WAZA.

World Association of Zoos and Aquariums

Many activities concerning conservation projects are ongoing and planned in the region, as the prestigious selection of examples clearly showed during the knowledge café at the IUCN World Conservation Congress in Jeju. Even better and intensified cooperation of institutions within the region is envisaged and the knowledge café provided a good start to be further discussed at regional and national meetings. WAZA will also encourage the follow up at the WAZA Annual conferences.

The logo of the UN Decade on Biodiversity should be used on the websites of zoos and aquariums and the decade as an umbrella for conservation should be better used for existing and planned activities, thus underlining the global effort. WAZA will provide CBD with more information about zoo and aquarium based activities and on the other hand CBD will provide a short powerpoint as information on the Decade – this because it was made clear in the discussion that staff in zoos and aquariums is not familiar enough with the Decade. WAZA will also have to play a role to better communicate the Decade internally. A complete summary of the contributions is planned for WAZA News 4/12, due in November.

A big Thank You goes to the participants of this round table discussion, which included CBD secretariat, IUCN CEC, IUCN SSC, Wildlife Reserves Singapore, Wildlife Conservation Society, Japanese Association of Zoos and Aquariums JAZA, Southeast Asian Zoos Association SEAZA, Zoological Park Organisation Thailand, Nordens Ark, Seoul Grand Park Zoo, Everland Zoo and Central Zoo Authority India!

For more information, contact Gerald Dick at Gerald.Dick@waza.org

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