Youth in Pakistan are focus of Huma Beg's Films

Dominic Stucker of the CEC Steering Committee shares a video from Utror, Pakistan. "This video on flood relief efforts in Pakistan is by my friend and colleague, Huma Beg of Serendip Productions, working and filming in her native Pakistan," he says.

Huma Beg, documentary film producer, in remote Utror, Pakistan, after 2010 floods Photo: Serendip Productions

Frits Hesselink, CEC Special Advisor, describes the video as "a testimonial for involving youth, education and health in participatory change processes following disaster relief."

View the video on YouTube >>

Huma Beg is Managing Director of Serendip productions in Islamabad, Pakistan. She is a Donella Meadows Leadership Fellow. Read her bio here >>  


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