Young Voices on Climate Change: A Movie Series

See young people aged 9-19 taking action on climate change. The movie series was created by Lynne Cherry, who published a children's book on climate change with CEC member Gary Braasch. Shared by CEC member Andy Alm. 

You can make a difference, as these young people show

The Young Voices on Climate Change movies feature inspiring young people taking action and finding solutions to the global warming crisis by reducing the carbon footprint of their homes, schools, communities and states.

You, too, can reduce CO2! Learn how to replicate these carbon-reduction projects at

The series was produced and directed by Lynne Cherry, author and illustrator of 30+ popular children's books including the rainforest classic The Great Kapok Tree.

The moview are true stories about Youth Fighting Climate Change:

  • Team Marine Santa Monica, California students convinced their city to ban plastic bags.
  • Plant for the Planet 11-year-old Felix from Germany planted a million trees with his viral website.
  • Dreaming in Green Florida students saved their school $53,000 in energy costs through simple actions.
  • Anya: Citizen Science in Siberia Anya Suslova from Siberia helped a scientific research team.
  • Kids vs. Global Warming 12-year-old Alec Loorz started imatter and the Sea Level Awareness project.
  • Girl Scouts gave out 5000 compact flourescent light bulbs (CFC's) door to door.
  • Green Ambassadors greened their school with a Clean Plate Club, recycling, and composting.

The Young Voices on Climate Change movies have been screened at the American Museum of Natural History in NYC, at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, at the Museum of Discovery and Science in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl, at the COP15 Climate Talks in Copenhagen, at the United Nations and at many film festivals, schools and conferences.

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