You Have the Power to Change

A team from IUCN ROWA participated in the Tissot Cycling Race 2014 to promote green transportation. 


 The transportation sector is the second largest source of anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions. Transporting goods and people around the world produced 22% of fossil fuel related carbon dioxide emissions in 2010. Since the 1990s, transport related emissions have grown rapidly, increasing by 45% in less than 2 decades.

Road transport accounts for 74% of this sector's carbon dioxide emissions. Automobiles, freight and light-duty trucks are the main sources of emissions for the whole transport sector and emissions from these three have steadily grown since 1990.

The good news here is that we have the power to change. But, this change has to start on an individual level. We all have to start taking steps to green our transportation and use less oil in our daily life.

Green transportation is any kind of transportation that doesn’t negatively impact the environment. Cycling is one of the greenest options to get around: zero fossil fuels, and zero emissions!

Therefore, IUCN ROWA formed a team to join Tissot Cycling Race 2014 from Madaba to Amman in Jordan. They crossed 17km for fun and to promote green transportation since cycling outdoors is a good way to be one with nature.

We won’t be able to change everyone in a day, BUT we are sure that we at least were able to change 10 peoples view about transportation.

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