YAEF/NEPAL marks World Environment Day

Youth Awareness Environmental Forum (YAEF/Nepal) celebrated  the Day with events spanning June 4, 5 and 6, from speech competitions to essay contests -- all broadcast over Environmental Cycle Radio.

A medicinal plant photograph, Rangoon Creeper (Quisqualis Indica Linn.) taken in Budar, Nepal. Photo: Giridhar Amatya, IUCN Nepal

Open Speech Competition: 75 participants addressed the topic "Environment and Development" with a broadcast over Environment Cycle Radio F.M. 104.2 MHz (Lalitpur Godawari Area, Badegaon). 

0pen Essay Writing Competition: 54 participants wrote about “The Role of Youth in the Conservation of Environment".

Tree Planting: Ceremonies to mark World Environment Day were inaugurated by Guest Mr. JK RHa and Mrs. Misoon Chung from Korea and YAEF's Chairman Dr. Astaman Kisee Maharjan at the offices of Environment Cycle Radio. Tree planted included Chapa and Rudrachaya, which are medicinal and religiously valuable trees.

Mass Rally: 425 participants participated in the rally covering 2 kilometres, wearing T-shirts indicating the UNEPs slogan for the Day “Think. Eat. Save.”

Interactive Programme: 275 young people participated in an interactive programme on the topic "Conservation of Godawari Area's Environment”.

Distribution of Poster and Pamphlets in Katmandu Valley: YAEF distributed posters and pamphlets with slogans about local actions for protecting the environment.

Memorandum: YAEF presented a memorandum (Gyapan Patra) to His Excellency Minister Chairman Mr. Khil Raj Regmi for action in the Godawari-Phulchoki Area Conservation process, which is the major water resource, rich in biodiversity and cultural heritage in the Kathmandu Valley.

Women in conservation: An interactive programme addressed "The Role of women In Environmental Conservation”. YAEF and ECR FM Woman Division jointly organized an interact Live Phone Program through ECR FM 104.2MHz. Some 125 callers joined the discussion on “The role of women in protecting environment”.

Youth Awareness Environmental Forum (YAEF/Nepal) is a community based non-profit media membership organization, established in 1994.

For more information, contact Dr. Astaman Kisee Maharjan, YAEF/NEPAL, Executive Chairman and Chief Editor/Publisher Youth Awareness Environmental Forum

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