Would you change just because I asked you to?

IUCN's Commission on Education and Communication (CEC) launches today – www.CECtalksnature.org – a dynamic platform for experts and practitioners to share, debate and advance thinking, knowledge, and action that can help bridge the knowledge-behaviour gap for science-based organizations.

http://www.cectalksnature.org/ Photo: CEC

Science-based organizations such as IUCN, among other dynamic conservation institutions that aim to protect nature, invest heavily in generating and disseminating information on the state of our environment. More often than not, these findings underscore the need to take action to protect our natural world.

However, despite the wealth of data available, it is not enough to steer some governments, the private sector, and consumers towards taking decisions that either preserve, protect or restore our environment.

Have you ever wondered why it seems to be so difficult to get our conservation messages heard and acted upon? There is a knowledge-behaviour gap that we are failing to address.

IUCN CEC believe that it is possible to change the hearts, minds, and abilities of people through the right approach to communication and motivation. By bringing together expertise from disciplines such as change management specialists, strategic communication and marketing experts, learning and capacity development practitioners, conservationists, and behavioural and conservation psychologists, IUCN CEC actively works towards its vision: Creating a community that loves and values nature.

CECtalksnature.org is a platform for experts and practitioners from these disciplines to share, debate and advance thinking, knowledge, and action that can help us bridge the knowledge-behaviour gap. Offering the latest opinions from experts in science communication and learning, CECtalksnature.org helps to spread great ideas — not just those of CEC, but from other interested and committed partners in conservation.

The Commission on Education and Communication leverage the expertise of over 1,200+ members from around the world to advance the IUCN programme.

For further information, contact:
Dr. Juliane Zeidler, Chair
Email: cec-chair@iucn.org

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