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Marcelo Segalerba has worked on the front line of conservation as a park ranger for many years, putting his own life at risk against the likes of poachers and drug traffickers. On World Rangers Day (July 31), he talks about the dangers faced by rangers on a day-to-day basis and what benefits World Heritage status could and should bring.

Marcelo Segalerba, International Ranger Federation.

Having worked as park ranger in the San Miguel National Park, which lies along Uruguay’s border with Brazil, Marcelo Segalerba has experienced conservation at the sharp end.

He now represents the International Ranger Federation and is attending the World Heritage Commissions annual meeting in Brasilia. The Federation works with governments to better protect park rangers, to increase recognition of the profession, and to make sure that rangers get the tools and protection from the law that’s needed to do the job.

Marcelo outlined some of the problems facing rangers on the front line.

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He also explained what he wants to get out of the World Heritage Commission’s annual meeting here in Brasilia.

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