World Conservation Union welcomes 33 new members

The 68th IUCN Council meeting has admitted 33 new members to the World Conservation Union (IUCN). The new members include four government agencies: two of them are working on protected areas in Guinea Bissau and Korea; one is a government agency representing the Flemish Ministry of Environment, Nature and Energy; and the fourth one is the Environmental Department of the Alava Government in Spain. The new members bring local knowledge, expertise, and the will to influence the international agenda.


Seven come from Africa, 13 from Meso and South America, four from South and East Asia, two from West Asia, one from Canada and six from West Europe. It is interesting to note that 88% of the newly admitted members are NGOs, 12% are government agencies and 6% are international NGOs.

Networking possibilities, access to knowledge, capacity building, linking local experience to policy level and new opportunities for establishing effective partnerships were all reasons behind their decision to join the World Conservation Union.

“It is encouraging to see our Union continue to grow in numbers and geographical reach and we in the Secretariat are working diligently to enhance support and better integrate our diverse membership into the full range of Union activities.” said J. Gabriel López, Chief Global Strategist and Acting Head of the IUCN’s Constituency Support Unit.

With these additions, the total number of IUCN members stands at 1,074; including 83 State members, 111 government agency members, 83 international NGOs, 764 national NGOs, and 33 Affiliate members.

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