WORKSHOP: Peatland restoration: a nature-based solution to climate change

This workshop will share new conclusions, recommendations and outcomes from the IUCN National Committee for the UK Peatland Programme and discuss with participants how these can be utilized by countries and regions around the world. The findings from a major two year long Commission of Inquiry on peatlands in the UK will be presented in order to facilitate the exchange of key information between participants as they share their own research and experience of peatland restoration practice and policy.

Grass and Algae Photo: The U.S National Archives/Flickr
  • DATE: 07 Sep 2012
  • TIME: 11:00 - 13:00
  • ROOM: 401

Total CO2 emissions from the half million km2 of degraded peatland globally exceeds 2 Gtons. Restoration of this resource is an imperative for both biodiversity conservation and carbon emissions reduction and sequestration. Issues surrounding the role of peatland restoration as a cost effective nature-based solution to climate change will be addressed as well as an examination of their role in delivering multiple benefits such as clean water, flood amelioration, recreation, biodiversity conservation and cultural heritage protection.

This workshop will also convey the importance of building resilience into peatland landscapes to protect its multiple benefits and gives examples of how this can be practically achieved. There will also be discussion of the recent decisions on peatland restoration and carbon accounting made at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and the implications these decisions may have for IUCN Members.

For more information on the Peatland Programme visit the project home page here.

This event is organized by The Wildlife Trusts and the IUCN Committee for the United Kingdom in partnership with Wetlands International and the Scottish Environment Link.

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