Workshop on Natural Resource Governance

IUCN Sri Lanka is implementing the national component of the Global Project, Improving Natural Resource Governance for Rural Poverty Reduction.

Workshop on Natural Resource Governance

The Project addresses three-pronged needs of governance of natural resources by focusing on (a) Improving governance for managing natural resources; (b) Empowering civil society to reduce poverty, and better manage natural resources; and (c) Capacity building for civil society to effectively manage natural resources.

As part of the Project outputs, IUCN Sri Lanka organised a Training of Trainers workshop on 25-26 March, 2010 at the Giritale Hotel, Giritale.  The workshop was intended for two purposes, viz., to impart basic knowledge on governance concepts and elements, provide knowledge, skills and applications to prioritize governance issues, and mainstream governance concerns in development planning, and to develop a training module on these aspects as well as establishing a core group of trainers.

Several Government Departments who have a direct responsibility for natural resources governance participated in this workshop.  These included the Forest Department, Department of Wildlife Conservation, Department of Fisheries, North Western Provincial Environmental Authority and the Central Environmental Authority.  Additionally, external experts including those from the Faculty of Law of the University of Colombo, Mr Anandalal Nanayakkara, Attorney-at-Law, and representatives from the Project’s implementing Partners, the Centre for Environmental Justice and Public Interest Law Foundation participated.  Ms Patricia Moore, Head, Regional Environmental Law Programme of IUCN in Asia, also participated as a key resource person.

The participants had the opportunity of visiting the nearby MinneriyaNational Park and held discussions with the Park Staff on issues relating to the natural resources governance and community involvement.

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