WOLFoundation essay contest winners

Abandon nature all ye who enter here. These are the opening words of the winning essay in the Web of Life Foundation Annual Essay Competition launched by IUCN CEC member Dr. Joe Zammit-Lucia.

Dr Joe Zammit-Lucia


Jason M Brown's essay titled An Orange County Almanac: adventures in suburban ecology, was selected by an eminent judging panel (including Keith Wheeler, IUCN CEC Chair) to be this year's winner among a very extensive and strong field.

Brown's essay (download here) challenges us to abandon the false and enforced boundaries between nature and culture with a false 'nature' being policed by pugnacious ecologists who are themselves cultural constructions. He concludes: "The task is to dismantle the strictly enforced boundaries we have set up between culture and nature and to watch what happens in the chaos."

Brown receives $1,500 for his winning entry.
Second Place Winner

Second place winner Paul Wapner challenges us to reflect about the differences between 'naturalism' and 'mastery' of nature in his essay titled Humility in a Climate Age (download here).

Wapner receives $500 for his second place win.

2012 Competition

The 2012 essay competition is now open for entries with a closing date of September 2012. Visit our entry guidelines page here. 

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