What if we change? Let's fix this Earth!

Whatifwechange.org is an interactive platform about what happens to people when they can make their barren land fertile again. How does it affect a community when nearly extinct animals flourish again? What changes when people make their ecosystem a vibrant source of life again, for themselves and for generations to come? And this story is about you too.

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Reporters working for you

Because we want you to write the script and direct our video reporters located around the world. They are your eyes and ears. They give insight into the daily life and work of people improving their lives by conserving our planet. We aim for dialogue in all corners of the world. We invite you to share your perspective and contribute your opinion. Direct the reporters, ask questions and co-create with them.

Join the launch

On the 26th of October at 9.30 AM in Utrecht we will launch What if we change, show you the possibilities, and invite you to get involved. Meet our reporters in Mali, India, Bolivia and Bonaire and start questioning them. Oh, and bring your laptop so you can start participating immediately.

Need inspiration?

Do you think this is all a dream? Watch this story made by John D. Liu. It might change your scope on the creative power of people...

Made possible by

What if we change is an innovative partnership between conservationists and media makers. What if we change is an initiative of IUCN NL, in partnership with environmental filmmaker John D. Liu, IUCN ambassador for Ecosystem Restoration, conservation organizations Wetlands International, the Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance, the Wildlife Trust of India, Fundacíon Natura in Bolivia and a team of dedicated Dutch mediamakers, The Loefflab Foundation.

What if we change is made possible by the generous support of the Dutch Postcode Lottery.

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