What are the training needs in the conservation world?

Durrell Conservation Academy is looking for training needs assessments that have been conducted at any level for government and non-government conservation organisations. Kindly share examples before the end of May.

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By Jamie Copsey, CEC member, Head of Learning and Development, Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust

The Durrell Conservation Academy of Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust is developing its next three year training strategy and we would greatly appreciate feedback from IUCN members on any training needs assessments that have been conducted in your areas. We are interested in understanding more comprehensively what the training needs are of conservation organisations (both government and non-government) to help guide our thinking around the training programme we develop. We are particularly interested in any assessments made around two levels:

  1. Technical skills requirements (e.g. scientific and field research, community-conservation, captive breeding and reintroduction, Protected Area Management)
  2. Management and leadership skills requirements (e.g. developing and managing teams, leadership theory and practice, strategic planning, project monitoring and evaluation)

If you do have access to any of this information for at the local, national, regional or international scale then we would be very grateful if you could get in touch. Any feedback you can provide us with will influence how we develop our training programmes for greatest effect!

Please contact me at Jamie.copsey@durrell.org


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