WGWAP Task Force Considers Impact of 4-D Seismic Surveys on Western Gray Whales

At its second meeting in St-Petersburg, Russia (15 - 18 April 2007) the Western Gray Whale Advisory Panel was provided with an overview of Sakhalin Energy’s preliminary plans for carrying out a 4D seismic survey in the vicinity of the Molikpaq platform during the summer of 2008. The Panel agreed to establish a Task Force to review and analyse noise predictions and estimated whale densities, as a contribution to the preparation of the company’s Environmental Impact Assessment.
Terms of reference of the Seismic Task Force [PDF]

The Task Force held a workshop in The Hague, The Netherlands, from 25 – 28 June 2007, to discuss mitigation and monitoring measures intended to ensure minimal environmental impact to the western gray whale population, while ensuring the survey’s technical objectives were achieved.
Agenda of the workshop [PDF]

The workshop report, which was recently finalized between the participants of the Task Force, will be considered by the full Panel at their next meeting in November.

Work area: 
Western Gray Whale
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