Welcome to Wildscreen 2010

The Wildscreen Festival, the world's largest and most prestigious wildlife & environmental film festival, will be held October 2010 in Bristol, UK. Wildscreen is about 'Promoting conservation through wildlife imagery'. Harriet Nimmo, CEC Steering Committee member, is Chief Executive of Wildscreen.

www.wildscreenfestival.org Photo: Wildscreen

The Wildscreen Festival is internationally acknowledged as the most influential and prestigious event of its kind in the world. Its aim is to celebrate, applaud and encourage excellence, and responsibility, in wildlife and environmental filmmaking - films which increase the global viewing public's understanding of the natural world, and the need to conserve it.

If you attend one event this year, make it the Wildscreen Festival and benefit from:

  • the opportunity to network with individuals from every corner of the industry
  • pitching opportunities in a crucial marketplace, where films are bought and sold, and where new commissions and contracts are awarded
  • inspirational, and sometimes controversial, discussion panels
  • in depth filmmaker masterclasses and a unique programme of training workshops
  • access to hundreds of the world's best wildlife and environmental films from the past two years

This year's festival will run from 10-15 October 2010 in Bristol, UK.


Wildscreen's principal initiatives are the Wildscreen Festival, world's largest and most prestigious wildlife & environmental film festival and ARKive the definitive collection of films and photographs of endangered species from around the globe, freely accessible online. We also deliver WildPhotos, an annual nature photography symposium and WildFilmHistory, an online guide to the pioneering people and landmark productions behind one hundred years of wildlife filmmaking.



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