Water for Energy and Agriculture in Africa

Water for Energy and Agriculture in Africa: The Challenges of Climate Change
Sirte, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, December 15-17, 2008


The Sirte Water and Energy Conference aims at unlocking the potential of water for development in Africa. In particular, it aims at: 

  • Assessing the challenges faced by the agricultural sector, in view of the impending/glooming food crisis in Africa taking into account the strong linkages with energy and climate change;
  • Carefully examining how investment in the rural space can reverse trends to obtain well balanced sub-sectors that offset production risks, close food production gaps and ensure food security;
  • Analysing bottlenecks and constraints to accelerated water development in support of the continent's food and energy needs;
  • Proposing ways to promote and secure investment in water to maintain food and energy security in the region.


  • Prospects for food and energy demands by 2015 and projections for 2030-2050
  • Defining the investment envelope
  • Financing mechanisms and implementation strategies
Work area: 
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